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Android is Cool is a platform where we bring you almost everything you need to know when using an Android device. But here, we will not be limited to Android and forget iPhone users. But we focus on both users who need help, reviews, or explanations they need when using their Android and Apple devices.

Android Is Cool Logo
Android is Cool Logo

As mobile devices are essential for people’s lives at present, there has to be someone who discusses and brings the best for the community. Android is Cool is there to become that great helping hand.

Our Vision and Mission @ Android is Cool

We want to help android users to ease up their problems and resolve android issues faster in a more effective way.

Android is a complex platform, or rather a operating system which is customized according to different mobile phone companies. The problem of this customization is that when people migrate from one company to another, the system changes and people get confused. So, we, android is cool wants to help the community to resolve these problems easily.

So, who wants to learn and use Android. Join on board with android is cool.

On the other hand, we keep updating you about the new arrivals to the field of mobile devices and accessories. We won’t stop there, but we go deeper and will bring you our honest reviews on those new and trending products for you to get a better idea of them before using or purchasing them.
The bugs and issues are common in both Android and iPhones. Every time we surf through the forums, people keep asking for a way to resolve their bugs and issues. So AndroidisCool brings up-to-date blog posts which contain exact fixings for those bugs and issues to cure the headaches you are experiencing. So when AndroidisCool is there, you will not need to go anywhere else.

Contact Android is Cool

If you want to contact android is cool, there are multiple ways you can try.

First and the easiest option is to fill up the contact form in our contact us page.

more ways to contact android is cool: