Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

How to Disable the Absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android?; Must Read.

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Absolute Bluetooth volume control is enabled by default on many Android phones. However, certain devices aren’t suited for absolute Bluetooth volume control, which explains those startling occasions when you’re pleasantly listening to your favorite song only to be brutally stunned by how loud the audio output on your Bluetooth earpiece is.

The Android operating system has a plethora of options for customizing your experience on the device or tablet on which it is installed. Some pretty intriguing features are also hidden under Android’s developer settings, but it’s crucial to understand what each setting does and how it works.

When hooked into a PC or another device, features like USB debugging and others may cause problems. More significantly, you’re online and offline privacy and data may be jeopardized.

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Here is how Disable absolute volume in Android.

Absolute Bluetooth volume control allows your phone to control your Bluetooth speaker. This eliminates the need to manually adjust the volume on your Bluetooth device.

The sound on your headset/speakers will adapt to your phone’s volume. The same goes for adjusting your phone’s media volume over Bluetooth.

Absolute Bluetooth volume control isn’t just convenient; it’s becoming a need. Because, since Apple removed the 3.5mm jack, Android phones have started doing the same. To listen to music discreetly, most individuals now utilize Bluetooth earbuds or headsets.

When you are doing this, at first you have to turn on the developer mode on your device. So Android disable absolute Bluetooth volume, follow the below steps.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select About Phone from the drop-down list.
  • Click Software Information
  • Tap on Build Number 7 Times
  • It is going to show a message Developer Mod Has Been Turned On.
  • Go return to the main menu settings page and below About Phone will be Developer Options.
  • Select Developer Options.
  • Toggle off the Disable Absolute Volume option by finding it and toggling it off.

Since your Bluetooth device is no longer connected to your phone, you may control the volume on both devices independently. For example, to increase the volume on a Bluetooth speaker, you must use the speaker itself. Bluetooth earbuds, headsets, and other gadgets must also follow the same method.

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What is absolute Bluetooth volume control?

Users of Android devices with Absolute Bluetooth Volume Control may adjust the volume of their Bluetooth devices directly from their Android phones and tablets. It can, however, lead to a number of issues.

It’s generally caused by Bluetooth devices that are not compatible with the absolute Bluetooth volume control capability. In such cases, it’s better to disable the absolute Bluetooth volume control. However, it isn’t the simplest item to find on your phone.

If you want to turn off the ABV, you’ll have to go into the developer choices. Let’s find out how you can accomplish that, we will start with finding out how to activate developer options.

Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

What happens when disabled the Absolute Bluetooth volume?

With Android 6.0, the function of ABV was introduced, and it can be found here. Absolute volume is enabled by default on Android 6.0 and above, however, it may be removed if desired.

It regulates a variety of volume-related functions, including the management of unattenuated audio, the amplification of audio in accordance with volume information, and the registration of volume notifications.

After being enabled, the volume controls control both Bluetooth and other media playback at the same volume level, which is convenient.

Generally speaking, this is a useful feature, although it can occasionally cause problems and be incompatible with certain devices. When it is turned off, the phone’s volume and the volume of external Bluetooth devices such as headphones will be controlled by two different volume levels.

If the level on your headphones is either incredibly loud or extremely low, deactivating Absolute Volume will almost always resolve the problem. The register volume notifications enable the phone to display the volume controls when the sound on another device has been turned down to a low level.

It will appear on the smartphone if, for example, you are using Bluetooth speakers and have the volume turned down.

It will be necessary to detach from the Bluetooth device and rejoin if this feature is turned off. Rebooting your device may be necessary if the changes you make do not take effect immediately after you make them.

Is it needed to disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume?

Overall, ABV control is a great feature that makes controlling your Bluetooth device’s volume easy. You may use your phone to regulate the volume instead of your Bluetooth device’s volume buttons.

This is useful while using a Bluetooth finder away from your Android device. It also protects the buttons on your Bluetooth audio device from wear and tear.

In some cases, disabling absolute Bluetooth volume control is required. If you want a really loud volume, you may disable Bluetooth volume control, raise the volume on your phone, and then raise the volume on the device independently.

Your Android smartphone may also be linked with a Bluetooth audio device that does not support absolute Bluetooth volume control. This can cause audio troubles. So turn off absolute Bluetooth volume on your Android.

More about Absolute Bluetooth volume.

Absolute Bluetooth Volume is a feature that is available for devices that are running Android 6.0 or later versions of Android.

In accordance with the Android Open Source Project, it allows the phone to transmit audio information through the phone, edits that audio information to match the volume, and then regulates the volume of the Bluetooth device to ensure that accurate volume is reached.

In addition, while changes to the source device may be detected and changed by the Android smartphone, changes to the source device can also be shown in the volume controls on the Android device.

Therefore, if the volume on your Bluetooth speaker is reduced while it is linked to your phone, you will be able to see the new volume displayed in your phone’s controls.

Disabling absolute Bluetooth volume of Android not working; troubleshooting.

If you are not able to find the absolute Bluetooth settings check whether the developer mode is enabled or not. If it is not enabled the first thing you have to do is enable the developer mode in your device’s settings.

After that, you will be able to find the absolute Bluetooth settings there.

What comes in default?

In most Android devices, Absolute Bluetooth Volume is switched on by default, so unless you’ve tampered with the settings, it’s most likely already regulating the audio output of other devices in your Bluetooth network.

Before making any changes to these settings, you must first disconnect from any Bluetooth devices that are currently connected to your computer. Absolute Bluetooth Volume may be really handy, provided that your Bluetooth device is capable of handling it.

It provides far greater audio control than Bluetooth alone would be able to provide on an Android phone, and it has the potential to improve audio quality.

Why do your Bluetooth headphones keep going to max volume?

This issue can arise depending on the Bluetooth® device (such as a smartphone) if the volume is not correctly linked with the headphones, according to the manufacturer.


When we discuss Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume, Some Bluetooth devices are incompatible with absolute volume control, thus it’s a comfort that Android did not permanently activate the setting permanently.

Furthermore, some individuals want to have more control over their gadgets in order to increase the volume. With Android, disabling absolute Bluetooth volume should be a straightforward process on any device, regardless of the manufacturer.

You will be able to accomplish this as long as the Developer Options are enabled in the device’s settings. Once you’ve done that, it’s as simple as pie.

The volume of your phone and the volume of the attached Bluetooth device must be adjusted independently after Absolute Bluetooth Volume has been disabled.

This is true even if the devices are linked over Bluetooth. Experts advise against disabling the function because it is convenient and most new Bluetooth devices are compatible with it, according to the experts.

How do I change the default Bluetooth Volume on Android?

Download the ‘Bluetooth Volume Control’ app from the Google Play Store by going to the Google Play Store. Open the app and press the ‘Start’ button. You will be presented with the app’s welcome screen.
Android will immediately apply the default battery optimization settings to the app, just like it would to any other program, which may cause the app to stop operating properly.

How do I separate Bluetooth audio?

In older Android versions, you could access the menu by tapping the three dots in the upper-right corner. Toggle the Dual Audio toggle switch to the on position.
Dual Audio is activated by pairing the phone with two speakers, two headphones, or one of each, and audio will be streamed to both speakers and headphones.
If you add a third device, the first associated device will be unplugged and rebooted.

What is a Bluetooth splitter?

Simply said, it transforms any non-Bluetooth or Bluetooth device that has a 3.5mm audio port into a Bluetooth transmitter.
The Bluetooth headphones splitter has a battery life of 10 hours, which is more than adequate for any given circumstance, even while using them simultaneously.
Furthermore, this audio splitter may be used not only as a transmitter but also as a receiver in some situations.