Android Resource Linking Failed; Must Read Fix.

Android Resource Linking Failed in Android Studio; 02 Min Fix.

Android resource linking failed in Android studio is a massage that many of the Android developers face when they design and develop with Android Studio. Most of the user does not know how to fix this error because they have not been experts in the field.

This error is very common for the new developers who are still learning and at the beginner stage. But it does not say that the experts do anything wrong. But the error percentage is low in experts when compared to the beginners and intermediates.

Troubleshooting “Android resource linking failed” error.

The new versions of Android Studio are very helpful for the trainers because it literary shows where does the error is. But the older versions do not indicate those errors, so the users have to check for the files one by one.

So when troubleshooting this error, you can try some simple things indeed. So here is how you can do it yourself.

The things you can do are as follows.

  • Undo the changes that you’ve made
  • Running a stack trace.
  • Check back every XML file.

Let’sLet’s discuss these tips one by one.

  • Undo the changes that you’ve made.

Another method for getting rid of the Android resource linking failed problem is to use a program called ADB shell. Undoing the most recent modifications may occasionally be necessary to get you back on track fast.

The majority of the time, this issue will surface while you are halfway through a development project, therefore plan ahead of time.

This indicates that one of the most recent changes is to blame for causing such an issue to appear. As a result, just reverting the most recent commits might be really beneficial in dealing with this scenario.

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To accomplish this, use CTRL + Z to go back one step in the editing process. Similarly, debugging the code after each undo will allow you to rapidly identify the source of the problem. Once you’ve discovered the error, you can rectify it relatively easily because it’s not a major issue.

Android Resource Linking Failed

  • Check back every XML file.

One of the techniques is to open each and every XML file manually without scanning or executing them first.

This is beneficial because when you open a file, Android Studio will identify any mistakes that have occurred and will highlight the lines of code where the problem has snuck in.

You will be able to rapidly discover the source of the problem and address it without experiencing numerous headaches as a result.

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  • Run a Stacktrace to find out what happened.

It goes without saying that if you are working on a large project, checking each and every XML file will be a headache. Consequently, one of the most effective remedies for this mistake is to enter the Android Studio Terminal and perform the Stacktrace command.

This will provide you with information about which file is causing the problem. Using the Android Studio terminal, run the following command to obtain a Stacktrace of the application.

To see a well-detailed error fixing for this error, I recommend the article on this website.

So now you know how to fix the “Android resource linking failed Android Studio” error. So here is the time to take a look at some Related FAQs.

Android resource linking failed React Native; how to fix it?

  • The main reason.

Errors occur when Gradle discovers a problem with your XML files (usually a grammatical or typographical one).

The res folder contains the majority of the XML files, however, some may be found elsewhere. /src/main/AndroidManifest.xml, for instance, contains the AndroidManifest.xml file. A layout file like this one will produce the error “Error: unsuccessful linking file resources.”

  • The solution I have found a solution to this issue.

To find the source of the problem, all you have to do is look through your XML files one by one. However, you can relax knowing that the error will disappear quickly as you correct the problem XML.

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Related FAQs. android resource linking failed Android Studio; how to fix?

  • Remove aapt2 enable line from This is no more in the latest Android Studio.
  • The error message “Android resource linking failed” indicates that the program was unable to locate the resources it required to execute on the device. When this issue occurs, the most likely cause is that there was a problem with the application’s installation, download, or setup.
  • Try reinstalling the app to see if it helps to resolve the problem.

Android resource linking failed Cordova; how to fix it?

We had the same issue, and the only way to resolve it was to remove and re-add a few Cordova plugins. We’re not sure which of these was the source of the problem (since more than one was changed), but the issue has been resolved.

Android resource linking failed ic_launcher; how to fix it?

  • It is possible that you are seeing this problem in your JAVA files because there is a mistake in one or more XML files.
  • Make your way through all of your XML files and fix any issues you find, then clean or rebuild the project from the build menu.
  • Start with the most current version of your XML file that has been modified.

Android resource linking failed, drawable not found; how to fix?

Try doing this.

  • File -> Invalidate Caches / Restart.
  • Delete the build file under app (F:\gigHub\app\build)
  • Clean Project.
  • Rebuild Project


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