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It is a blessing to have a clean and fully optimized user interface when calling to make the phone call simple, quick, and easy without any hesitation. TelephoneUI comes into the job for that particular reason. So in this article we gonna discuss what is “,” and what does it do in your Samsung mobile phone.

What is a telephoneUI, and what does it do?

telephoneUI is useful for making the call screen multifunctional. It gives every option which is necessary for a call, such as a volume, keyboard, answer and reject, end calls, etc. With a better telephoneUI, you will have no hesitation while calling your living ones.

What is Samsung telephonyUI?

Samsung telephoneUI is something which is unique in Samsung mobile devices, where it controls the calling functions, as well as increases the phone’s performance while the user in the call.

The best thing around is, optimizing the system, which also saves battery power as much as possible. So you can experience more talking time than some other brand’s telephones.

This user interface is also called “InCallUi” by its developers. Every calling function is embedded in it for the ease of the users.

What is the Incallui app used for?

There are some third-party applications that can override the Samsung telephoneUI. But using third-party applications for that is not recommended because overriding it can cause some unrecoverable bugs in your system.

On the other hand, third-party applications cannot increase the system and the battery performance like built-in software. So the UI can be more attractive, but the performance will be reduced.

More explanation on this,

It is a component of the User Interface, and there are many different sorts of programs available in this format for different purposes. These are generally system applications that come pre-installed on the device to assist in making it operate in the same manner as an operating system.

This is a direct link between the telephone application and the web browser. It is not recommended to attempt to remove, delete, or otherwise modify these types of system software. It is vital for the phones to be able to make calls in order to function.

The default name is UI. However, it has been changed to telephonyUI. It is a component of the telephone interface that facilitates the process of making phone calls.

Yes, you may be able to install bloatware that assists the device in automatically adjusting to your phone in order to improve its performance, but this method has the potential to corrupt your phone’s operating system.

It works because every time you make a phone call, this program will be launched. It operates in an automated and efficient manner.

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Com Samsung android app telephoneUI hidden network setting mainactivity; what does it mean?

There are two methods of doing this.

  • No root. 

The first method is no root method which is quick and easy. In this method, you have to use the Shortcut Master. So using it, you have to navigate to,

Call settings/

This method is quite simple. The second method is the root method which takes some steps which is comparatively complex.

  • Root method.

At first, you have to prepare by downloading and installing the relevant applications. So the Apps you need are,

  1. ES file explorer.
  2. ShortcutMaster.
  3. HiddenNetworkSettings.[should not be installed yet, only download the APK file]

Right after the files are ready, you can proceed to the next steps.

  1. Now locate the HiddenNetworkSettings APK file, and change its name to “hiddennetworksetting.apk.”
  2. Then go to System/App and create a new file. And it has to be renamed as “hiddennetworksetting, “to make no mistakes, give every permission for it.
  3. Then locate the HiddenNetworkSettings APK file, and copy the file to the newly created folder with every permission.
  4. Long press the power button and restart the phone.
  5. Then you are able to access the “Com Samsung android app telephoneUI hidden network setting mainactivity” via the Shortcut Master.

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Some related FAQs.

What is the Samsung app Telephonyui Android?

Com Using Samsung Android software telephonyui, you may place and receive phone calls directly from your smartphone using your phone’s user interface. Yes, you can speed up your phone’s performance by installing pre-installed bloatware.

What is Android Incallui used for?

Incallui is an Android app that allows you to receive calls and identify who is calling using a visual display. It also assists you in making a phone call and displays a variety of intelligent options to make your life simpler and easier.


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