How to Bypass MMguardian on Phone?

How Can You Bypass MMguardian on Phone?

MMguardian is one of the most used parental control applications today. Bypassing the MMguardian is not something very hard. But it has some steps to follow. So this article discusses how to bypass MMguardian on the Phone.

The problem why this application cannot be uninstalled simply is the Uninstall protection feature that has been embedded in the application. So if you need to uninstall or, in other words, bypass the MMguardian, you have to have the administrator privileges with you.

If you try to uninstall the MMguardian, it will ask you for the password. As you do not know the password, you cannot uninstall it from that method.

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How can I get rid of MMGuardian without a password?

There are a few methods to get rid of MMguardian. One of those methods is using the device’s safe mode to bypass the MMguardian. So here is how.

  1. The power button must be pressed and held until the power-off box appears.
  2. In order to turn off the device, press and hold on to the power off box until a new box appears that reads: “Boot into safe mode. The safe mode will be rebooted if you say yes. This will deactivate any and all third-party programs that you’ve installed. When you reboot, they’ll be back.”
  3. Activate the phone by pressing “OK,” “YES,” or “CONTINUE” (whatever your phone says) and allowing it to boot.
  4. Go to the Settings app once Safe Mode has been activated. Tap “Security” and then “Device Administrators” to go to the “Administrators” section.
  5. If you want to remove Device Administrator capabilities from MMGuardian or any other app, uncheck that app’s checkbox. (Safe Mode uninstalling the app would also be a good idea.) MMGuardian may be found under Settings>Apps in the menu bar. Then tap “UNINSTALL”) and then press it.
  6. To return to the normal boot mode, press and hold the power button a second time, power off, and then on.

Then after that, you can easily uninstall the MMguardian if you want.

Can kids disable MMGuardian?

The MMguardian website says that your child cannot disable the Mmguardian without your knowledge. But this is totally wrong. When someone knows how to use that safe mod method that we’ve mentioned, the MMguardian can easily be disabled.

So as parents, you have to make sure that your children are not bypassing the application using any method.

Can MMGuardian be bypassed?

To prevent bypassing using the safe mode, the parents can use a safe mode lock. This provides added protection for the application. So if you are not sure about your child, then it is better to use safe mode lock parents.

How to Bypass MMguardian on Phone?
How to Bypass MMguardian on Phone?

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Android is cool

How can children bypass parental control applications? For Parents’ knowledge.

  • Proxy Sites

The use of a proxy site allows users to bypass filters and route their traffic through an unrelated server. For example, rather than having your child go directly to “,” they’ll go to a site like a hide. Me and type in a restricted URL right into the search field on that site.

The connection between the proxy site and the external server is not traceable by most traffic filtering software, but the proxy site itself will be listed in a filter. Even the most popular proxy sites are often blocked by many filters because of this same reason. This, however, can have unforeseen consequences.

  • Changing Passwords or Brute-Forcing Them

Parental restrictions are frequently bypassed by changing the password. It is possible for your children to change the settings on particular accounts without notifying anybody if they know that you use a special password on those accounts.

This is a problem that affects a lot of the older, more tech-savvy youngsters. The password can be obtained in a variety of ways.

If they send you a phony security email, they can trick you into sending them your password. You might even leave your primary email unprotected, making it easy for them to gain access and change your password.

The chances of your youngster brute-forcing your password are quite low. If your child has access to and is proficient with password cracking tools, you should be concerned that other information security risks may arise in your home.

  • Distinct Wi-Fi Systems

What’s your level of familiarity with the people that live next door to you? Their names are essential. A phone number in case of an emergency, as well as the names of their pets. They have a password for their Wi-Fi.

I suppose it’s not unusual for someone to have this happen, especially if they are nice to their neighbors. There will very certainly be some Wi-Fi broadcast overlap between households that are somewhat close to one another.

Because of this, their wireless SSID may be seen from your home. As long as the security of their network isn’t up to par, your youngster may simply access whatever stuff they want from there.

  • Virtual Private Networks

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) isn’t only for grownups who want to bypass provincial Netflix limits (VPN). It is not uncommon to locate free, inconspicuous VPN services that will encrypt your children’s search queries and the path between their PC and the firm servers.

If they’re utilizing a virtual private network (VPN), it will be nearly impossible to track them down. A new IP address will not be shown on your router. Your broadband provider will also have no access to the material that is sent to your computer.

For law enforcement and commercial purposes, some VPNs do track user data, but they are unlikely to share your children’s VPN search results with you.

  • Portable browsers.

People no longer use Internet Explorer as their main browser. In addition to being extremely safe, many browsers are also quite quick.

More than 7,000 relays are utilized by the TOR Browser to divert web traffic across several overseas locations. It is practically hard to determine what a person is viewing while using the browser because of this multi-layered routing.

Its built-in emphasis on secrecy and anonymity makes it a great potential for evading your filters.

  • “Inadvertent” Image Observation

It’s a simple “bypass” that I’m sure many kids have discovered. Safe search filters still apply to incognito and private browsing tabs, preventing content from being accessed and alerting worried parents.

You can still find certain sensitive photos if you pick the “Image” tab while searching, even though search engines are working hard to remove them from the results.

Search engine providers host and cache material on their own servers, which means that when a search is done, there is no unique URL to filter, and multiple relevant photos will be presented.

  • Using a Google Translate Proxy.

This is another means of evading the system that we may assume certain youngsters are familiar with. They can utilize Google Translate as a temporary proxy if a URL is prohibited.

It’s as simple as typing in a URL in a language you don’t understand and then waiting for Google to translate it for you.

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Android is cool

Can MMGuardian see text messages?

For Android devices, MMGuardian lets parents monitor their children’s SMS text messages and chats from major social media messaging apps such as,
Snapchat and others.

What can the MMGuardian app do?

With the MMGuardian Parental Control software, Android parents have an easy-to-use but effective way to monitor their children’s smartphone usage. In addition, this provides the ability to lock your phone, restrict apps from running, and more.

Is MMGuardian a good app?

The Android app has a 4.1 out of 5 rating and more than 1 million downloads in the Play Store, making it the clear winner.

Does MMGuardian monitor WhatsApp?

Messages sent via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram are also included in the statistics.
Sexting, cyberbullying, and suicide ideation are among the nine special alert categories to which users will be alerted if they receive chat messages that appear to include such content.

What can MMGuardian see on Snapchat?

A function called “App Control” in MMGuardian for Android smartphones can disable snap chat. After installing MMGuardian on their child’s phone, parents may access the whole app list on their child’s device.

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