How to Change the Time on Your ESI Phone System? Must Read

How to Change the Time on Your ESI Phone System? Must Read

How to change the time on your ESI phone system? We see a lot of people ask this question on android forums and on the web. So we decided to write some content about ESI phone systems focusing on changing the time on ESI phone systems. Welcome to Android is Cool.

What really is an ESI phone system?

ESI Communications ServersTM comes in a range of small sizes and is a reliable option. The ESI Communications ServersTM complement and enhance on-premises systems because they are simple to operate and understand.

These servers are capable of supporting both classic corporate phone systems and IP-based telepathic systems. Businesses of all sizes may benefit from ESI’s solutions and devices designed to increase productivity and enhance performance.

What are the better features of ESI phone systems?

When compared with some other service providers, the ESI systems have some better options to consider buying them.

  • Budget cuts.

The benefits of an on-premises solution do not have to be sacrificed if you choose to convert some or all of your analog lines to SIP. You can use the money saved from this change to meet other company requirements.

  • Productivity increase.

Providing your employees with the tools and processes they need to do their jobs more effectively is important for supporting their productivity.

In addition to sophisticated messaging and customizable auto-attendant options, your team will benefit from unique calling features and advanced messaging.

  • Essential features:
  1. Digital and IP-based communications can be supported.
  2. Scalability is a breeze.
  3. Calls are handled uniquely using Quick. GroupsTM.
  4. Voicemails can be left in a variety of different ways.
  5. Auto-attendant that may be customized.
  6. leasing of co-working space
  7. ESI-LinkTM multi-site networking allows you to connect many locations together.
  8. Incoming phone calls are being handled in parallel. Virtual AnswerTM provides the solution.
  9. Advanced ESI Applications are an optional extra.

How to Change the Time on Your ESI Phone System? Must Read

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How to Change the Time on Your ESI Phone System? Exact steps.

Follow these exact steps to change the date and time on your ESI phone system.

  1. Press the PROGRAM/HELP button to get help (or PROGRAM).
  2. Press and hold the pause button.
  3. Password for the administrator must be entered followed by the number (note: default password is 456).
  4. To begin “system function programming,” press 1
  5. As soon as you’re requested, “hit 4 to preset the system’s clock and calendar” – Press 4.
  6. In the event that you’re requested to “tap 1 to adjust the time and date manually,” DO SO.
  7. This option isn’t recommended because carriers are constantly snatching timings from numerous sources; therefore, we don’t advocate picking it.
  8. The time should be entered in 12 hour time (i.e., 3:50 pm would just be 0350).
  9. To confirm, press the # key on your keyboard.
  10. Use the “scroll keys” (the up and down arrows under the LCD display on the phone) to choose between AM and PM.
  11. To confirm, press the # key on your keyboard.
  12. In 8-digit format (day, month, and year all in two digits), enter the date.
  13. To confirm, press #.

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How to reset my ESI phone?

To free the cord from the port, gently “pinch” the chord’s sides. Wait 30 – 45 seconds after unplugging the device before plugging it back in. a brief period of time or so. During a system reboot, this is quite typical.

How to get an ESI phone off night mode?

How do I program the ESI phone extension?

To program a single button, do the following: 

  1. Press and HOLD DOWN the button you wish to program until the phone says, “this programmable feature key is programmed as displayed.” (It’s similar to configuring the radio station button in your car.)
  2. Press and hold the button.
  3. Enter the 3-digit extension number, 10-digit phone number, or 3-digit feature code** that you wish to represent the button.
  4. To “finish” the programming, briefly, TOUCH the button you’re programming.

NOTE: To set a personal speed dial key, start with nine and then the phone number, remembering to add a 1 if the call is long distance. Customers using an esi SIP trunk do not need to enter a 1.

To program more than one button on the same phone, follow these steps:

  1. Select PROGRAM (or PROG/HELP) from the drop-down menu.
  2. Press the 2nd button.
  3. TOUCH the button you wish to program for a few seconds.
  4. Dial the 3-digit extension number that corresponds to the button (or feature code**) you wish to represent.
  5. To finish the programming, press the button you’re programming one more.
  6. Then repeat steps 3–5 with the next button you’d like to configure. (NOTE: You do not require to hit PROGRAM ->2 a second time.)

How to forward my ESI phone to my cell phone?

Press CFWD or another preset FORWARD key to utilize the Call Forward function. 3. Press the # key to confirm the extension number OR external phone number to which calls should be sent.


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