How to Jailbreak A Chromebook? Step by step guide.

How to Jailbreak A Chromebook? 02 Min Fix

First of all, I have to say that this tutorial is only for educational purposes and should not be used for any illegal purposes. Jailbreaking a Chromebook gives access to some additional features and functions.

I think jailbreaking something is not legal. So I do not encourage you to do so. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to jailbreak a Chromebook in some simple steps.

Before we get into the process, there are some important things that you have to keep an eye out for. There are some drawbacks to doing this. The following are some reasons that I say this is cautious.

  • You may lose your valuable data.

You know that rooting a device usually deletes every data inside it. So rooting a Chromebook will also delete everything inside it. So I recommend copying or moving your valuable files to another external storage before rooting.

But there is something good that the Chromebooks syncs data with the cloud storage. So there is not much to worry about losing your data. But for better safety backup your data.

  • You may lose the warranty. 

As I’ve mentioned above, jail breaking a Chromebook can be illegal. So it would definitely void the warranty. So you must be aware of it before rooting.

  • Must not do this without a piece of good tech knowledge. 

Rooting a device is not something to be done without a piece of proper knowledge in tech and hacks. So learn before you do it.

Now you know what are the drawbacks and the warnings of jailbreaking. So it is time to start the job.

How to Jailbreak A Chromebook? Step by step guide.
How to Jailbreak A Chromebook? Step by step guide.

How to Jailbreak A Chromebook? Step by step guide. 

What do you need?

  1. Internet Connection. 
  2. A power supply.
  3. A Chromebook. 

In order to root your Chromebook, you’ll need to log out of this guide, or write down this information on a piece of paper, before you can proceed. Turning off your Chromebook is the final step. After that, switch on your Chromebook by pressing and holding the ESCAPE and REFRESH (F3) buttons at the same time.

A warning will pop up. 

Once you get that warning, press CONTROL+D. Then press ENTER. Again, you must read the notification well and then proceed. Then, give your Chromebook about 5 minutes to clear all of the data and install the Developer mode stuff. Your Chromebook will now reboot.

Booting the Machine.

You will have to do this every time you boot. It will show this scary screen every time the Chromebook starts:

That screen exists for a reason. A person could potentially install a keylogger onto the Chromebook and have them sign in as a guest to their Google account.

This is why it shows this warning every time a Chromebook boots. However, if you were the one who rooted it and you know there is no keylogger installed, there is nothing to worry about.

In every single step, you must read out every notification and the warnings well. If not you may miss things which are very important in the process.

The screen will normally last 30 seconds each time the computer boots. To skip the screen, type CONTROL+D, and the screen will be skipped. The Chromebook will then boot normally.

Press CONTROL+D when you see that message. Afterward, type ENTER. Take roughly five minutes for your Chromebook to delete all of its data and begin installing the Developer mode features. Your Chromebook will restart shortly.

You can watch this YouTube video tutorial to get a proper understanding of the process.

It’s time to restart the computer.

Every time you reboot, you’ll have to do this. Every time you turn on your Chromebook, you’ll see this terrifying screen:

It’s there for a purpose. It is possible for someone to set up a keylogger on the Chromebook and have the user check-in as a visitor to their Google account. For this reason, a warning appears each time a Chromebook begins to power up. 

Every time the computer boots, the screen will be on for around 30 seconds. The screen will be bypassed if you enter CONTROL+D to skip it. The Chromebook will then be able to start up as usual. More lessons on how to utilize the Chromebook you just rooted will be coming your way soon.

How to jailbreak a Chromebook to Windows 10?

There is something to consider about. The Chromebooks come out with some hardware settings which prevent writing. That is really a screw on the motherboard. So to do this you have to remove that screw using a screwdriver and install the new OS.

You need to get ready with the tools before you start.

At first, you have to find out the screw which is write protecting the device. The following video will help you in it,

  1. Before you remove the screws, you must turn off the Chromebook. Then turn the Chromebook upside down and get ready to remove the screw. Remove the outer cover safely without damaging it.
  2. Then you will find the write-protect screw. Safely remove the screw without damaging the inner parts. Then set back cover again. Then you have to turn it on recovery mode by pressing Esc + Refresh + Power buttons together. 
  3. Because you have removed the write protecting screw, a notification will come saying the Chrome OS is missing or Damaged. Then press Ctrl+D.
  4. When Chrome OS is missing or damaged, use the Ctrl + D keys to restore the operating system. To disable OS verification, press the Enter key. Afterward, the Chromebook should restart in Developer Mode. Press Ctrl + D to boot into Chrome OS when the screen says OS verification is turned off.
  5. To exit Chrome OS, hold down the Ctrl, Alt, and T keys at the same time. TerminalType shell is opened and the Enter key is pressed. To launch a script file as root, type the following command and then press Enter. Press the Enter key once you’ve typed 3.
  6. You can choose to install or update the whole ROM. Continue by pressing Y. If you want to use the UEFI firmware, type U. The Chromebook’s current firmware may be backed up using a USB device. After the new Windows-friendly firmware has been installed, shut down the Chromebook and restart it.
  7. In order to find the Windows-based drivers, you’ll need for the Chromebook, visit CoolStar’s website. Use a USB device you previously used to back up the Chromebook’s original firmware to locate the files you need and download them.
  8. Install Windows 10 from the bootable USB drive on your Chromebook after connecting a mouse and keyboard. Afterward, remove the installation USB device and insert the USB that has the downloaded drivers. Then, update the drivers.

BeamNG Drive Download for Android and PC; APK Free Download

How to install Windows 10 on Chromebook without USB?

Chrome Remote Desktop is the most user-friendly method for running Windows on Chromebook devices. This lets you operate a computer from another device, such as a smartphone or tablet. ” In essence, it’s a browser-based remote desktop software that runs on the Chrome browser.

The only drawback is that you’ll still need a Windows machine in addition to your Chromebook. If you already have a Windows computer, you might as well use that instead, which defeats the whole point. However, if you have a desktop computer at home and want to use Windows on your Chromebook while you’re on the move, this is a useful option.

Here is how to install Windows 10 on Chromebook without USB?

  1. Verify that both machines are logged into the same Google account. Chrome should now be open on your Windows PC.
  2. Go to Google’s remote desktop website to access a computer from another location. When you’re ready to set up remote access, go to the Download section.
  3. Observe the on-screen directions and follow them. On your Chromebook, open Chrome.
  4. Go to Google’s remote desktop page to get started. Select the machine you wish to access by clicking Remote Access.
  5. In the event that you’ve set up a PIN, enter it here. By clicking on the arrow, you may establish a link.
  6. You’ve been accepted! To end the session, select Options > Disconnect from the menu bar. Close the window if you choose.
Some related FAQs.

How do you install Windows 10 on Chromebook without taking it apart?

How do you download Windows on a Chromebook?

No. It is impossible to launch executable files on Chromebooks since they don’t have Windows software installed. To launch an EXE file from another Windows 10 computer, you may utilize Chrome Remote Desktop, which enables you connect to the computer’s desktop and run the EXE file.

Can a Chromebook be rooted?

Open a terminal window by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T to go to the root of the system. To get a full bash shell in the Crosh shell, simply type shell and press Enter. You may then use the Sudo command to perform commands that need root privileges.

Can Chromebooks be hacked?

It has been a long time now that Chromebooks have been able to run apps from the Android store. Chromebooks can now be used in many different ways, which is good, but it also gives hackers a way to get into your computer. As long as you’re using apps from well-known sources, you shouldn’t have to worry about them. 


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