KMP External Codec “libvlcjni so cpu arm64-v8a”; Download Here

The KMPlayer, KMPlayer, or K-Multimedia Player is an Adware-supported media player for Windows and iOS that can play the majority of the most recent audio and video formats, including VCD, HDML, DVD, AVI, Ogg, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, AAC, WMA 7, 8, WMV, RealMedia, FLV, MKV, and QuickTime. KMPlayer displays a lot of advertisements, including pop-ups, side panels, the homepage, and side panels with options.

this article lets you download the “KMP External Codec “libvlcjni so cpu arm64-v8a” and the “KMP External Codec “libvlcjni so cpu arm64-v7a” with one click download. So stick around until the end.

How to download and install an external codec in KM-Player?

  1. Please download the KMP external codec from this page to your smartphone’s “Download” folder.
  2. To find a .so file, unzip the file.
  3. Create a folder called “KMP” in your main storage’s Downloads folder.
  4. To the KMP folder, move the .so file.
  5. Make sure you have ticked the External codec use box when updating the settings in the KMP app.
  6. Restart KMPlayer and watch your video now.

How to enable external codec on KM-Player?

KMP External Codec "libvlcjni so cpu arm64-v8a"; Download Here
How to enable external codec on KM-Player?

How to fix external codec error in KM player Android?

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