LG, your device is corrupted and cannot be trusted

LG, your device is corrupted and cannot be trusted; how to fix it?

When your LG smartphone displays this message which is “the device is corrupted,” it means that some of your device’s system files are damaged or missing. So once you see this notification, you will have to find a way to resolve this issue if you want to use that device. 

Since Marshmallow, this has happened on a variety of devices. According to what I’ve read, it could be caused by malware in a downloaded app, unlocking the bootloader, or even Pokemon Go.

The best advice I can give is to compare what apps you’ve installed on both phones, do a factory reset, and load whatever apps you loaded on yours and hers on only one phone for now so you can try to figure out what caused it.

How to fix your device that is corrupted and cannot be trusted?

Your Device is Corrupt It Cannot Be Trusted and Will Not Boot – LG

Don’t worry. This error is something that can be totally fixed on your own with a few simple steps. So try one or all of the following tips and tricks in order to get the job done.

  • Start the mobile device in Safe Mode.

Fixes for Your Device Is Corrupted and Untrustworthy Enter Safe Mode. The first step is to boot into safe mode, which will start the phone without any third-party apps being loaded.

This will help rule out any malicious apps that may be causing issues. It may not help if the app has damaged the system files, but booting into safe mode may help in some cases.

Also, go through the apps in settings and remove any that appear suspicious.

  • Perform a hard reset.

Fixes for Your Device Is Corrupted and Untrustworthy Reset to Factory Settings. A hard reset will return the phone to the state it was in when it was purchased. Keep in mind that when you perform a hard reset, all data is erased, including phone numbers, text messages, and apps.

Android phones have buttons that can be pressed and held to reboot the phone and perform a hard reset. Many phones also have a setting that allows you to perform a hard reset.

For example, on Pixel phones, press the power button and then long-press the restart button to bring up the safe mode option.

Each phone will have a slightly different method for performing a hard reset, which can be found online.

  • Fixes for Your Device Is Corrupted and Untrustworthy Phone with Flash.

Flashing the phone with a known good image file is a popular fix that can be found on many forums and YouTube videos.

Because each image file must match the phone or the smartphone will be bricked, this option is only for advanced users.

Many manufacturers offer dedicated software for flashing an image, as well as other options. Motorola Moto smartphones, for example, can be flashed using Windows Rescue and Smart Assistant software.

Along with the Smart Phone Flash Tool, a flash tool known as ADB is widely used to flash Android smartphone image files. Because each Android smartphone differs in terms of software, image file, and other settings, it is best to look up specifics online.

Here is how to flash your phone step by step.

See the “Press Power Key To Continue” line, but you can’t seem to get your phone to boot up even after pressing the power button? Then flashing the firmware is most likely the best “your device is corrupted and cannot be trusted” fix for your Android phone.

  1. Download the most recent firmware for your phone to a computer.
  2. Copy the firmware to an external SD card and insert it into your phone.
  3. Put your phone into recovery mode.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom, select Apply update from the SD card, and then select the downloaded firmware.
  5. Sit back and wait for the installation to finish. Assuming everything goes well, you should be able to boot into the system. You can now use Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool to fix the issues on your device.

APN Settings Not Saving in Android; Fixed In No Time.


To save your phone data that has been corrupted, do the following.

Clear the cache on a regular basis.

Cached data speeds up various processes, but it is also prone to corruption. To keep your phone running smoothly over time, it’s widely recommended that you clear cache on a regular basis.

Don’t tamper with Android.

Rooting allows Android users to apply customization to a variety of aspects that they did not previously have access to.

Having said that, rooting comes with its own set of risks that can completely destroy the devices of inexperienced users. As a result, unless you are certain of the outcomes of your actions, avoid tampering with Android.

Maintain an up-to-date inventory.

Many errors may occur when a device’s operating system and applications become obsolete. As a result, it is critical that you update your phone on a regular basis.

Get rid of unnecessary applications.

Because applications consume resources, it’s not a good idea to have too many non-essential apps on your phone at once. You should uninstall applications that you don’t need to optimize the system’s performance.

How do I recover files from a damaged phone?

Select any of the broken videos from the list and launch the MP4Fix video repair app on your Android phone.
Add an appropriate video to MP4Fix video repair from your phone.
Begin repairing your Android phone’s corrupted video file.
On your Android phone, export or preview the repaired video file.

How can I repair a corrupted SD card?

Change the Adapter or Card Reader or try another USB port.
Check for Memory Card Errors with the CHKDSK Command to Repair a Card.
To recover files from an SD card, use data recovery software.
Try Using an SD Card on a Different Device/PC.
Make a new drive letter.
SD Card Drivers must be reinstalled.
Using the Windows Repair Tool, repair your SD card.


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