Samsung Galaxy Android 13 Update Info (2022)

We hope you will enjoy your new Samsung Galaxy Android 13 Android 5.0.2 firmware update after they have installed it. Thanks for using our system, we hope it is an excellent one, keep on sharing your thoughts, comments, and suggestions to get this update that you are planning to use or a test version for others.

This update will bring about:

* Added back the return of time and date to the notification centre

* Available in 10 languages

* Better stability on network

* Better lock screen experience

* Improved the font size in the notification tray

* Improved the fingerprint sensor accuracy

* Improved the CPU performance

* Improved the mobile data speed

* Improved the microphone volume setting

for the phones having dual SIM

* Enhanced the system stability

* Improved the mobile data quality

This update will be available on all your phones who had earlier installed Galaxy Android 11

* Galaxy S3 2014

* Galaxy S5

* Galaxy S6

* Galaxy S6 edge

* Galaxy Note 4

* Galaxy Note Edge

* Galaxy S7

* Galaxy S7 edge +

* Galaxy S8

* Galaxy Note 8

* Galaxy S9

* Galaxy S10

* Galaxy