What Is Setup Wizard on Android Phone?

What Is Setup Wizard on Android Phone? Must Read

Did you ever know that you can have a setup wizard on your Android phone? If not, that is what we are going to bring you today.

We see a lot of people have asked about this on the web. So we thought good content about setup wizard would be beneficial for you. So what is Setup Wizard on Android phone? That is what we’re going to discuss here.

When there is a lot of application on your mobile, you may need a supportive hand to manage each one of them as easily as possible. There comes Setup Wizard into play.

What does Setup Wizard do in Android?

Setup Wizard helps you a lot to arrange and manage the applications in your Android mobile. It also has a pretty valuable option of restoring the removed applications. But it is only available for premium users. On the other hand, they have the option of installing custom ROMs.

How to install setup wizard on Android?

Essentially, an installation wizard is a tool that allows you to manage your Android apps. On Android devices, the wizard handles all of the installation and uninstall operations.

But not the only thing they are capable of. If you have a premium license for your Android smartphone, you may also use the Android Setup process to install custom ROMs.

To accommodate users with a variety of Android devices, the Android setup process offers numerous profiles that may be shared across all of their devices.

It also has a lot of other responsibilities to attend to. It displays your application by categorizing it. However, the utility must perform additional functions on premium-licensed devices in order to be useful.

As with the tool, make it easy to restore all of your old applications to your new phone. In addition to recovering applications, it also allows you to set up additional Android accounts.

How to get to Setup wizard on Android?

When you are setting up your Android for the first time, you will find the Setup Wizard. The only way to restore the device’s start-up wizard is to do a factory reset; be sure to back up all of your important data before you do so. “settings” is where you’ll find the “reset.”

How to run Setup Wizard?

First Phase.

  1. First, you must choose a default language for the Android setup Wizard. To change the default language, simply tap on the corresponding icon. The user can change the default language by tapping.
  2. Allows for adjustment of difficulties such as hearing, eyesight, and dexterity. If you don’t want to use the default font, go to Settings->Accessibility and change it. The font size and other Accessibility options can be changed by pressing this symbol.
  3. The user can now go to the following stage once you have specified the default language and displayed font size. Start and then Next on the Accessibility screen will progress you forward a level in the game.

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Second Phase.

  1. Ensure the stability of your network. On stable systems, choose the name of the networks and enter your password. To continue, click Connect->Next.
  2. Make sure you thoroughly review the End User License Agreement before you begin using the software. After you’ve finished reading, click the “I Understand” checkbox.
  3. For diagnostic and use data information, see the Consent. It’s completely up to you whether or not you want to participate. Afterward, select the Next option.
  4. A Google/Gmail account is required to utilize Android services and apps.
  5. If you already have a Google / Gmail account, choose Yes and input your credentials.
  6. If you don’t already have a Google or Gmail account, you may establish one by clicking on “Get an Account.”

What Is Setup Wizard on Android Phone?

There is something that you have to know. According to the different versions and devices, the Setup Wizard steps and the completing time can be subjected to some changes. This guide is something universal for every version of Android and every device. 

Third Phase.

  1. To customize Google’s location services, choose the appropriate options. Choose Next.
  2. The statement ‘This phone belongs to…’ will appear on your screen. Personalize your phone by entering your name here. To proceed, simply tap the right arrow symbol on the screen.
  3. Some Samsung apps require a free Samsung account for Samsung users.
  4. Use your Samsung account to sign up for a new account. You’ll have to enter your email address and Samsung password in order to access this feature.
  5. If you don’t already have a Samsung account, you may create one by clicking the Create Account button.
  6. You can change the name that will be used to identify the phone. Easy mode, which simplifies Android’s user interface, may also be enabled.
  7. To close the Wizard, use the Finish button.

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How to get out of setup wizard Android?

Use Wi-Fi to connect your phone, then follow the Android Setup procedure by tapping on the notice (recommended) Remove the Android Setup app from your phone’s memory.

How to skip Wi-Fi setup on Android after a factory reset?

During the standard setup after a Factory Reset, the wizard screens must be addressed one by one, as seen below: Language screen > Select ‘Start’ Wi-Fi screen > Select ‘Skip’ ‘Skip Anyway’

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How to skip setup wizard on android using ADB?

If you wish to bypass the setup process and go straight to the home screen, open Shell by typing adb shell and then typing the command echo “ro. setupwizard. mode=DISABLED” >> /system/build.

How to fix unfortunately setup wizard has stopped after a factory reset?

I recommend watching this video to find how to fix if the Setup Wizard has unfortunately stopped after a factory reset.




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