Why are all my videos playing in fast forward Android S20?

Why are all my videos playing in fast forward Android S20?

When you are watching a video that is on your device memory or on YouTube or on another platform using your Android or iPhone, it is very disappointing when the videos are fast-forwarding without your knowledge.

So we see a lot of people have the same problem of related to the video fast-forwarding issue. In this article I will teach you why does this happen and how to fix the issue on your own.

Why do videos fast forward in your Android device and what are the symptoms?

  1. Fast-forwarding all videos, independent of the program used, with no sound (maybe 4x speed – sometimes not smooth 4x speed either, the frames seem to skip). YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and videos I’ve received over WhatsApp all have the same problem.
  2. I can pick up the phone, but I can’t hear the other person’s voice and they can’t hear mine when I put music on it, and it doesn’t ring when someone calls.
  3. I tried to shoot a movie with my camera, but it got stuck when I pressed the “stop” button (ie the video didn’t capture at all, I was able to start recording but it didn’t let me stop the recording, I had to close down camera app)
  4. It’s also odd that Bluetooth earbuds function (the sound comes back and movies play at regular speed), but plugged-in headphones don’t (no sound and videos still fast-forwarded)

How to fix the video fast-forwarding issue?

Fixing the issue is different from platform to platform. When the videos are playing fast-forward in your video player, you can try restarting the device or simply resetting the device. Both of them fix the bugs if there were any.

If the YouTube videos are fast-forwarding, there is an option to set the default playing speed at the right bottom of the screen. You can tap it and set the desired speed.

If the browser player is playing videos in fast forward, then you can try clearing the cookies and cache, which may erase unnecessary settings and bugs.

Why are all my videos playing in fast-forward Android chrome?

To resolve the issue, navigate to chrome:/plugins and turn off all of your flash plugins there.

As soon as the problem is fixed, click + Details to reveal the individual Flash versions and activate them one at a time until the issue is solved. This is, unfortunately, the case if you only have the NPAPI version of Flash-enabled!

How do I change video playback speed on Android?

  1. Navigate to a video.
  2. Once you’ve seen the video, press the More button.
  3. Toggle the Playback Speed slider.
  4. Choose the speed at which you’d want the video to be played back to you.

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