XVID Codec for Android;

XVID Codec for Android; APK Download, Installation, Overview, and FAQs.

XVID codec is one of the most used compression methods, which is open source, so free to use for anyone. But still, many video players on Android does are not supported for this codec.

It should not have happened. But unfortunately, it has happened. So when we surf through Android forums, we saw that many guys have asked that,

  • How to use XVID codec for Android?
  • Where can I free download the XVID codec for Android?
  • How to install XVID codec on Android?

And so on. In this article, we are going to answer all those questions because we believe Android is Cool, and so there has to be not any suffering.

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What does Xvid codec really do?

Xvid is not a video format; it is software for compressing to and decompressing from (thus the term codec) the MPEG-4 ASP format. Video encoded using Xvid is MPEG-4 ASP video (not “Xvid video”), which may be decoded by any ASP-compliant decoder since Xvid utilizes MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile (ASP) compression.

Many media players and decoders relying on libavcodec are included here (such as MPlayer, VLC, ffdshow, or Perian). As of 2016, the codec’s binaries may be downloaded at xvid.com.

Xvid-encoded files transferred via CD or DVD can be played by many DVD and media players, but not all of them. When it comes to encoding, Xvid has the option of using advanced MPEG-4 capabilities, which most DivX Certified set-top players simply cannot support.

DivX Certified hardware devices may not playback files that use global motion compensation, Qpel, MPEG quantization, multiple B-frames, or files that exceed the Video buffering verification constraints.

For example, Xvid’s version of global motion correction uses three warp points rather than DivX’s one warp point. It is possible to jeopardize player compatibility by enabling sophisticated encoding options. Tools like AutoGK that automate encoding with Xvid have certain concerns with the specific quantization tables they utilize.

There is a risk of unsteady video playing and artifacts, depending on the set-top player’s decoder chipset. Custom quantization matrices are now better supported in more modern DivX compatible DVD players. [Wikipedia]

The majority of files that are in Xvid are in the format to reduce disk space and to improve high file transfer speeds, which is especially important when the file is large.

However, when these files are compressed, they retain their original quality and do not suffer from any degradation. However, there is another topic that has to be addressed: how to play Xvid on Android.

To play any file compressed to MPEG-4 ASP on an Android phone, you’ll need to use applications that support the Xvid codec format. This page will thus provide a list of several popular Android applications that may be used to play Xvid codec-encoded videos.

Can you directly install Xvid codecs on your Android device?

XVID Codec for Android; Installation, Overview, and FAQs.
XVID Codec for Android; Installation, Overview, and FAQs.

The simple answer is no. If you are a real developer, you can try to do it, but if you are a simple person who does not have a piece of much knowledge, then the answer for you is NO. But how can you use Xvid codecs?

The best way for this is to install a media player which supports Xvid codes. So the next paragraph will introduce some brilliant applications you can download and use with ease.

Xvid Video Codec May Be Required To View Video, Check Readme Txt for Download and Install Android.

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How to download XviD video codec free for Android?

Click the following link to download Xvid codec with hundred percent safe and directly.

Xvid Video Codec Player_v1.0.4; Download Now

VLC media player.

A program that includes all of the most popular audio and video formats in the world is the ideal method for getting the Xvid video codec or any other codec. VLC for Android is the name of the app created by VideoLAN.

A cross-platform multimedia player and framework, VLC is open source and free. Xvid is one of the several audio and video codecs that are included in the library. Webcams, devices, and streams are all supported by VLC.

In addition, hardware decoding is available on the majority of systems, 0-copy is supported on the GPU, and software may be used in the event of hardware failure.

VLC for Android is available for free download through the Google Play Store or from VideoLAN’s website in the form of an APK bundle. Periodic upgrades to the VLC program bring the video and audio codecs up to date. VLC v3.3.0 is the most recent Android version of the media player.

Lite version of ArcMedia.

ArcMedia Lite, a feature-rich Android media player, allows you to use the XVID Codec on Android. Additionally, this program has built-in support for XVID, DivX, and a variety of other compressed video formats, like VLC.

A variety of media types may be streamed across a network using the software, including 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet (through DLNA). In addition, you may download the files and then share them through W-Fi with other people.

As a result, it makes for an excellent media player for Android. ArcMedia Lite is now unavailable on Google Play, although it may be found online (apk sites).


Euphemia developed this specialized video player, which can play a wide range of media types and compress movies using XVID. To utilize the program, it has its own set of features. You may also sort your files with MoboPlayer.

Some of the most common characteristics of this Android media player include the ability to continue playing files from the same category, support for multiple audio files, and support for playlists. XVID Codec is supported by Moboplayer for Android.

MX Player.

The Xvid codec is supported by this Android app without altering the file format or visual quality. If you want to watch Xvid/DivX videos on Android, you may do it using the MXPlayer, exactly as with the VLC media player.

With MXPlayer’s subtitle option, you don’t have to worry about the language of the video. With MXPlayer, all you have to do is choose the DivX or Xvid codec from your folder and sit back while it converts the video to an MP3 or other compatible file. To play codec movies on your Mac, you may use the MXPlayer for Codec on Mac.

WebXvid codec for MX player; free download.

Getting WebXvid codec for MX player, is not hard when we are here with you. You know the MX player is unbeaten for its performance and functionality with almost any type of codec. So click the following button to get the WebXvid codec for the MX player. 

WebXvid codec for MX player free download. 

AGC player.

Microsoft Store users will know that the ACG player is a top-notch media player despite its lack of popularity. The program’s creators should be commended for creating an app that can play Xvid codec files on Android devices.

The ACG player is one of the best options for Android users seeking lightweight software to play Xvid codec files on their devices.

The ACG player app is superior to other applications when it comes to playing media in a different format on mobile, but please don’t let me know that you’ve discovered this!

Why is Xvid codec still in action?

Many older DVD players and televisions are able to decode Xvid, but not h264. When it comes to SD material, XVID may generate greater quality than more contemporary codecs in certain circumstances.

When it comes to HD content, h264 and other codecs can create extra artifacts since they are better designed for HD resolutions.

XVID may still be used for TV shows or DVDs extracted from DVDs, although h264 and even hevc are becoming more and more popular.

Many organizations adhere to “scene rules,” although for other types of releases, such as television episodes, they simply never updated their “rules” in light of the lack of interest in or benefit from newer codecs (when you can get web-dl rips a few hours later, so they go for speed of release not necessarily quality)

What is the difference between Xvid and DIVX?

Xvid and DivX are both extensively used and fulfill the same purpose, despite some controversy regarding which is the superior codec.

Advanced Simple Profile (ASP) technologies, including b-frames, H.263, and Lumi masking, are used in both to reduce huge video files without sacrificing quality.

While DivX is a commercial product, Xvid is a free codec distributed under the GNU General Public License. While some fans of the Xvid format prefer its broad range of capabilities and output file size limits, DivX users are critical of the Xvid’s instability and occasional compatibility problems.

How to play DivX Xvid videos on android?

Codecs such as DivX, XviD, H.264, and others are used to compress video and movie files. On Android smartphones, they are tough to play.

The default video player is unable to play compressed files, and a message similar to – You may require an XviD video codec to view the video on Android may appear.

If you have that compressed video on your Android device, you’ll need an alternative player that can play DivX XviD compressed videos.

So the players that we’ve mentioned in this article are well suitable for playing DivX and XviD on your Android device.

Can you convert Xvid to another video format?

Yes. This is possible with some video converts. Some of that software are,

XviD codec readme.txt download.

This codec is also a kind of codec that s very important for the developers and students. So the following button will bring you to a page to get it free. 

Free download XviD video codec for Windows 7.

Did you ever know that you can use XviD codec on your WIndows PC too? yes, you can. So whenever you need it, come back to my site and click the following button.

XviD video codec for Windows 7 free download.

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Is Xvid codec safe?

Xvid is an excellent AVI codec, and it’s safe to use. Please download Format Factory if you’d like to view and create your own movies and videos. Almost all of your files will now play in the default Windows media player after installing this codec pack.

Is Xvid better than X264?

Xvid is a better choice than X264 when it comes to filing sharing. Only the X264 encoder may be used to encode a video in H. 264 format, not the Xvid encoder. X264 encoded movies are smaller and more efficient than Xvid encoded videos, but they are also of a higher quality.

Which is better, DivX or Xvid?

Despite the fact that DivX is lagging behind Xvid, they have the overall benefit of being more reliable and acknowledged as the standard in devices capable of playing this format. Xvid video may still be played on most set-top DivX players if it is encoded correctly.

Does VLC play Xvid codec?

Yes, you can play Xvid files in VLC Media Player on your PC. However, several users report that VLC does not support the Xvid codec.
It might be caused by a number of factors, including an incorrectly installed Xvid codec or old VLC versions. You can upgrade the VLC codec to ensure seamless playback of Xvid AVI files.

How do I watch a video using Xvid codec?

The Xvid codec makes it simple for you to play Xvid files. Ensure that the Xvid codec is installed in the same location. Then, on your PC, download and install VLC.
Then, either launch VLC and drag the Xvid file into the application, or open VLC and drag the Xvid file directly into the program.

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